Anfibio Life Patch

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Lappe grej til din Packraft.

Til at lappe din Packraft, eller til at lave loops til påspænding af gear.

Kan sættes på i regn og under vand.


2 x 10cm.

2 x 5cm.

The patch can be applied in rain or underwater. Applicable on surfaces of Polyurethane (all packrafts), Neoprene, PVC and uncoated Nylon fabric below 420 denier (for repairs on spreydecks and drysuits). Ideal for field repair of packrafts (no cleaning needed).


  1. Clean the area around the hole/tear.
  2. Peel off the release paper off the patch. Use the patch that has 1"(25mm) more area beyond the hole/tear.
  3. Stick the patch to the hole/tear, press firmly for 30 seconds.
  4. Work the visible air bubbles out from below the patch, if any. 


Please keep in cool, ventilated and dry place. Avoid direct sunshine.


Excursus: Anfibio LifePatch as self-adhesive, temporary tie downs

The Anfibio LifePatch is not only a good emergency repair kit, but also suitable to improvise a (removable) StrapPlate or GrabLoop on the boat. Follow pictures and description for modification: Draw a square with a pen in the centre of a big LifePatch and cut out two small strips on two opposite sides with a cutter knife. Then remove the adhesive film protection from the square and neutralize the released adhesive area with a little tape. Then remove the remaining adhesive protection and attach the modified LifePatch to the desired location on the boat. Now a strap or a loop can be pulled through in order to fasten smaller things (eg throw bag, drinking bottle, etc.).

The removable tie down also make, for example, a new position for a rear back rest. As a temporary solution they are in any case a good test for positioning of permanently glued GrabLoops!

ATTENTION: not suitable for heavy luggage or as a carrying strap!


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